Adding class library to website


Fresno Bob

Hi I am used to using the App_Code folder to put my DAL and BLL classes.
However I want to move toward using separate dll's so I can start doing
things like Unit Tests and using Sandcastle for documentation.

My class library DAL project contains 4 .vb files, each one containing a
single class, which maps to a DB table.This builds OK.
I then create a website and add the class library project to the website. I
then in the website a reference to the project. This builds OK. And I can
see the DLL in the bin folder of the website.

When I go to add code I can't figure out how to "reference" my DAL - it
doesn't appear in the intellisense. I know this will be stupid but I can't
figure it out.

Regards, Chris.


What is the default namespace of the class library?

Try typing

and see if stuff starts "appearing".

Other way

using DAL;
imports DAL

AGain, I"m guessing "DAL", you need to check your namespace for your code.

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