Vista & XP Network - Wired WORKS - Wirless does NOT Work




I just purchased a Dell Ispiron 1520 with Vista Home Premium on it. I have
tried to set it up to connect to my home network through my Trendnet
TEW-431BRP router, but I am not having any luck. Here is what is happeing:

- Can use Internet
- Cannot See XP Machine
- Cannot Share Files or Printers on XP

XP MACHINE (LLTD Installed, wired into router):
- Can use Internet
- Can See VISTA Machine
- Cannot Share Files on VISTA

Same workgroup for both PC's. I have actually shared some specific
directories on both machines. Same ID and Password on both machines.
Network Discovery is turned on on the Vista machine

I finally decided to try a Wired Connection and all is working as expected.

I am using ZoneAlarm on both machine and have put all my home network
addresses into the Trusted setting.

Any ideas as to why it doesn't work when using WIRELESS?

Thanks in advance.

Steven Toney

I have the exact same issue with a VISTA Lenovo Laptop

wired -- everything works as expected

wireless -- although I can get out to the internet with problems via my
wireless AP in my firewall -- I have numerous "local network issues related
to not being able to properly resolve names on the network

something is definitely screwed in VISTA wireless..

Swapping harddrives to one with XP on it on same hardware does not have any
wireless problems........................


Thanks for all the replies.

I did some more digging in my router and it turns it it was the culprit.

I was restricting access to the LAN via MAC Address and for some reason it
wasn't allowing the Vista Machine to see the LAN even though it's MAC Address
was listed in the allowable group. I disabled the MAC Address filtering and
all is working fine.

Steven Toney

I have been through all that stuff

I have things configured correctly on all machines.. I have double and
triple checked this

it is a wireless bug on name resolution and I can find no way to correct it
by any configuration changes

it simply will not work correctly

it is absolutely isolated to wireless networking

While on wireless -- I can clearly access my wireless access point, the
wireles nic get a IP address and firewall gateway properly and I can always
access the internet

then problem is accessing other computer on the internal network -- all
machines are in the same workgroup, all machine are in the subnet... etc etc

the vista laptop simply refuses to name resolve and access other machines on
my LAN

I have even turned of the computer browser service on all machine except my
windows 2003 server box to avoid browser master election problems

as I said -- swap in a hard drive with XP and the laptop connects wirelessly

plug in a wired lan cable and the vista laptop work absolutely as exepcted
with networking

I have another vista machine with only wired networking on the lan and its
works perfectly fine on the network.. It has other Vista wierdness with some
software like repeated VC++ runtime errors that I can not trace to cause..,
but it networks with issues..

I know how to share folders and the like in VISTA without problem

the issue for me is clearly this wireless network anomaly with wireless name
resolution on the lan.

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