Vista Windows Security Center



The security center in my computer was disabled, firewall, defender and
update. I reset it to active (auto). After I restart the computer those
function were disabled again. Even my Norton antivirus software were disabled
and the system won't allow to install again. Is this cause by a virus? If so
is there a free program in Microsoft web site to remove it. Norton or McAfee
said they can remove the malware for a fee ($100.00) even though I am using
their software. Or I have to format the computer and reinstall everything.
Can someone out there went through the similar problem please share your
exprience and solution?

Mick Murphy

Uninstall norton; and keep it off your computer!

Below is what I use for Security, and it works!
If you can't remove the problem in Dynamic mode, go into Safe mode to do it!
Instructions below

Avast Anti-Virus is Vista compatible (32bit and 64bit Versions), FREE,
auto-updating, and a low resources user of your computer.
And, only have 1(one) Anti-Virus installed / running on your computer at any
one time..
Conflicts may occur if you have more than 1(one).

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.5.2 is a very good, FREE Anti-Spyware Program.
Download, install, update, and immunize your System with it.
Then SCAN with it.
Update once a fortnight.

SpywareBlaster 4.0 is a non-intrusive, FREE Anti-Spyware Program that runs
in the background.
Update it once a fortnight, and let it do its work in the background!

If you happen to find a problem that you can’t uninstall / delete, reboot
the computer, and go into Safe Mode.
To get into Safe mode, tap F8 right at Power On/ Startup, and use UP and
DOWN arrow keys to get to Safe Mode, then hit ENTER.
RESCAN your computer with Avast and Spybot S & D while in Safe Mode.


Hey Mick, I follow the guide you provided. Install all three programs. Spybot
S&D can not be installed in normal mode. I installed it in Safe mode and run
the scan function. It remove lots of virus ~ more than a dozen. The window
firewall and window defender are working now. The only problem left is that:
I can turn on the windows security center by clicking the ativation button.
This function is not working probably. Is this cause by the virus? How can I
turn on the window security center? Does having all three program intalled in
the computer create any conflicts? Thanks for your help!

Mick Murphy

Dan, if your Norton is an Internet Security Suite, it can take over from
Vista's security center , as can a virus.
Are you still running Norton? It will want t use its OWN firewall!

The Anti-Virus is the best one to remove Trojans; but you normally do have
to be in Safe mode to do it.
The Trojan must have been stopping the install of Spybot Search & Destroy in
normal mode! Have you updated it? It now scans for about 155,000 different
crap things when up to date!!

On my own computer, I turned off Defender, as it missed too much spyware in
But, I always had the 3 Programs that I have here running together with no

Hope it helps!

Quentin Medeiros

I have Norton Antivirus 2008 with Antispyware. I haven't installed it on my
system yet because I don't know if it would cause a conflict with the windows
vista firewall. Should I install it and stick with the windows vista
firewall? Or should I download the firewall from zone alarm, spybot, and the
antivirus from


all third party firewall programs will turn off Vista's firewall
Vista has an excellant firewall program
I personally do not like Norton anything because it is a bloated software
I use AVG 8.0 free version and Vista's firewall and also Superantispyware
which is an excellant real time antispyware program and doesn't conflict
with any of the ones I listed
Superantispyware Pro you need to purchase but it is well worth it


iam trying to delete mcafee,i have avast now and the two cause a verious.cant
assist program botton,enternet exolorer not working now,please help,i cant
assist my programs to delete mcafee

Hank Arnold

First, please don't hijack a thread like this. start your own.

Second, use punctuation and mixed case. It makes reading your posting
easier. I can't make sense of most of what you are saying. Frankly, most
posts like yours get ignored...

Third, try a spell checker. Same reason as # 2

If Add/Remove programs, then uninstall Avast. Then, if internet explorer
works, try going to the McAfee site. They will have a utility (or
instructions) on how to remove it..


Hank Arnold
Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Directory Services

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