Vista Ultimate notebook refuses to stay asleep



Toshiba Qosmio notebook running Windows Ultimate, the machine will go to
sleep but will wake back up after just a couple of minutes (never longer
than five minutes).

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

shows that no devices are allowed to wake the system, and the -lastwake
option provides no information beyond saying that the system woke up.

I've tried disabling the antivirus (AVG 8) and a couple of other programs
that do the occasional self-update and logging out of all user accounts but
nothing has had any effect on the problem. It seems that this is a
relatively recent development (maybe a month at most?) and the only thing I
can think of that was even slightly different is that at about the time this
started I burned some data files to a CD - I mention this only because the
first thing that the system does when waking up is check the drive to see if
there is a disc inserted.


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