Vista Ultimate "Complete PC Backup" Fails with (0x80780048) Error


Steve Mavronis

Anyone have a solution, besides reformatting my external backup drive to
make space again? My external USB backup drive is 500gb and now have 70gb
free on it. I acknowledge there is not enough free space to backup the 184mb
in use so far on my 500gb C drive. But the Complete PC backup is supposed to
delete the oldest backup image(s) to make room for the new backup if needed
right? At least that's what it says on the screen before it check for
available disk space on the backup drive. The screen before the error
clearly says: "If there is not enough space on the disk, one or more of the
older backups will be discarded, starting with the oldest." Its just not
doing what it says will happen. I could probably reformat the external hard
drive and then it would work. But this is just bugging me because it should
delete the oldest backup and run fine! I searched Microsoft's Vista
support page for the error code but didn't find any matches to help me. Here
are my system specs if that will help:

Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit, Intel Q6600 CPU, 2gb RAM, 500gb RAID-0 HD,
Nvidia 8800GTX 768mb GPU, 22" Widescreen LCD, Asus/ViXS Combo-210E TV Tuner,
Creative SoundBlaster X-FI Audio, Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse, Logitech
Premium Stereo Headset, external Lacie USB 500gb backup drive.


Today, I ran into the same problem with my 64-bit version of Vista and my 250
GB external hard drive. It has been about a month since this last post that I
am replying to. Have either of you found a final fix to this problem? Or at
least a reasonable workaround?


also... one month later I find this thread... and no solution to this
for me yet... :(

Anybody found out why Vista is not getting rid of the oldest

It gets rid of the oldest restore points, but I don't know of ANY
backup system - Vista, third-party or otherwise - that gets rid of
older backups to make space.

The user has to do that manually.

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