Vista to XP network issues



This is similar but not the same as other discussions, so here goes:

I have a laptop running Vista Business connected through a wireless Belkin
8011g router to my home network, which consists of a PC running XP that is
ethernet (wired) to the router, and an HP printer that is connected by USP to
the PC.

I installed the update on the XP, I renamed the Laptop Workgroup to match
the PC, I set up identical users on both systems.

Here's the problem:
I can "see" the PC on my Vista Network Map, but there is a SWITCH Icon
in-between the wireless router icon and the PC icon (there is actually
nothing but a cable between the two).
I cannot open files that are shared on the PC from the laptop. I have set
the firewall permissions, and told Vista that this is a Private Network, and
turned off the password requirement
I cannot even see the laptop from the PC.

Any Ideas?



Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

1. "a SWITCH Icon in-between the wireless router icon and the PC icon" is is
normal. Check this link for more details.

Vista View Full Map

2. Make sure you assign permissions in the Security tab. This link may help

Vista Permission IssuesCan I assume the external drive used to be connecting
to other computer and you just re-connect it the the Vista? Check the
permission using this command: . ...

3. I cannot even see the laptop from the PC: I would check the
firewall first.

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