Vista; System restore



Running Vista Home Prem;32bit

Recently I noticed my HDD loosing about 3 to 4GB of space per day.....this
all seemed to start right about the time I installed Vista SP2. I felt the
lost was due to System restore rstore points, and, I was right. I turned off
Restore which deleted all restore points and available space on my HDD
increased back to where it should have been.

Under XP you could adjust the size of the HDD reserved for Restore points, I
don't believe you can under Vista. My total Restore Point space was taking
up around 30GB of my HDD.

Does anyone know how much HDD Vista reserves for Restore Points? It just
seems to me 30GB is a lot of space to be taken up by Restore and I don't know
how much more space would have been taken up by Restore by Sysyem ahd I not
deleted all points. I of course have turned it back on and created a Restore
Point (and immediately saw I lost 3 GB).....(I was losing about 3 to 4GB per
day..and it was ongoing).

Losing this much space per restore this acceptable?

Earle Horton

It's better than having your system go belly up and not being able to
restore it.



If the OP follows your right on advice he should know that doing so will
delete all the current restore points.


I also am using a Dell PC. Personally in my opinion, Dell advising you to
turn off System restore is setting you up for a possible future serious
problem. Without System Restore running should your PC fail due to an
update....etc, you will have no way to restore it back prior to whatever
caused the problem. Dell is too quick to give the easy answer.

What I di to maybe solve the problem, but keep Stystem Restore operational,
I turned off System restore...when you do that all current restore Points are
deleted. After doing this I gained 30GB of HHD space. So I know it was the
restore points which had been causing me to lose 3 GB daily. I then Turned
System restore back on, I created a Manual restore point. Looking at my HDD
today following a Scheduled System restore, instead of losing 3 to 4 GB...I
lost under this process may have solved my problem.

What is causing the problem is a file known as pagefile. It is a file that
under prior OS systems was know as the SWAp file...the file grows to a
pre-set size and then at some point it gets much smaller. With System
restore this pagefile as it gets large is re-saved in each Restore
Point...consuming HHD space...until all the Larger Restore Points drop
off....and the Pagefile szie gets smaller...etc and the cycle starts all over

I wouldn't run my PC without restore on...but the choice is yours

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