Vista System Restore failure



Q1: Since using Windows Defrag tool many of the installed programs fail to
show up
in the Program and Features list. Only 6 of about 60 progs are listed but
the missing
progs are still showing in Program Files and Start Menu. All are working
o.k. but
this will create a future Uninstall problem in some cases. Any ideas ?
I have tried a System Restore for 3 different restore points but all 3 have
giving the message following computer Restart:
"Restore did not complete successfully - System filoes and settings were not
changed". Also: " An unspecified error occurred during System Restore - try a
different restore point".
Knowing how important the Restore feature is I am worried about the
if I get a major ptoblem in future and am unable to Restore. Any Suggestions ?
It appears tha Windows Defrag caused both problems. blanco.

Mick Murphy

If using Norton, disable it before using System Restore.
It interferes with SR.

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