Vista Sleep Mode and Task Scheduler

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John Wesley Asquith

I use Task Scheduler to run programs at various intervals that support
an Internet web site. When the computer is idle I have it set to go to
sleep after 5 minutes. I use the "Wake Up Computer" setting for the
tasks in Task Scheduler so that it comes back to life when a task is
ready to run.

This all works well and predictably EXCEPT for a couple of programs that
run at different times. They wake up the computer allright but they
each take about 2 minutes to complete and the computer goes back to
sleep before they're done leaving files open and the task only partially
completed. I've messed with every setting I can think of and have made
no progress at all.

I've tried the Vista sleep, hybrid sleep, and hibernation modes but they
all result in the same thing...the computer just goes back to sleep too
early while the task is still running.

I need some way to make the PC stay awake until the scheduled task is
complete. Anyone have ideas what to do???




You can use VBScript or Powershell to create a shutdown/sleep script to run
after the first tasks complete, using one bat script to run both operations
could be of some use aswell.



Fred Munro

A simpler way, would be to extend the sleep time. I generally would set it to
something like ten or twenty as five minutes isn't that long, also keep in
mind is it count from when you are logged in or when Windows begins to load?

I have actually noticed both depending on my config... hope this helps...

Fred Munro

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