Vista PC not visible on my network until installing SP1



I have a small LAN with Windows Small Business Server 2003 as my domain
controller. I have a Vista PC on this LAN that was just not visible in My
Network Places on any PC until installing Vista SP1. I run Windows Server
2008 on a Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 VM that runs on the Vista PC. The Vista
PC was still not visible to the Server 2008 VM until I installed Vista SP1.
Both Server 2008 and SBS were visible to each other though.

What was I doing wrong?




If you can't answer the question meaningfully and in context, why bother?

I obviously needed to know whether this was one of those known issues with
Vista, among other things.


I'll bet you're one of those people that don't like Vista since UAC must have
exposed you. Your animosity right off the bat can only be explained by that.

How do you like Windows Server 2008?

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