Vista Outlook - Accepting a Forwarded Appointment


Rhonda Pierce

Our office just upgraded (if that's what you want to call it) to Vista. Before, if someone received a meeting request and wanted to get someone else added to the meeting, they could just forward the appointment, which would then send an email with the appointment to their intended recipient. The recipient would open the attached appointment and could click ACCEPT, TENTATIVE, DECLINE up at the top just as though they had received it directly from the meeting organizer.

In this new Outlook, we can't figure out how to accept a forwarded appointment. Someone has forwarded an appointment, but when I open the attached appointment, there is no option for me to respond to it as before.

Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Bob I

Vista is an operating system. Outlook is an Office application. Perhaps
you have Office 2007?


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