Vista just started to freeze up / hang



Vista was working fine for some-time (except for a few bugs). Then it
started to freeze up. I changed nothing I was aware of. Maybe a Windows
Update changed something.

Symptoms are: it boots fine, it's loading stuff after boot, it works fine
for about 2 minutes then just freezes. There's a little activity going on
(clock changes every 10 minutes or so, mouse will move after same time
period). I can get the task manager loaded but it's not giving me a clue to
the hang cause. I suspect Desktop Search but it's only a theory.

Any diagnostics I can run to find the cause?




I have exactly the same problem. Vista works fine for a while, then
everything freezes, any ideas to resolve anyone?

PS) using vista on this pc.



Tony Thijs

Same for me after upgrade to RC1.Reinstalling clean did not help
This is my configuration:
Vista RC1upgrade from Vista beta2 / clean install RC1

PC boots to Vista from c:

PC boots to Windows XP pro from d:

Gigabyte sinxp1394 motherboard

Apollo Geforce FX 5500 (256 Mb video memory)

512 Mb ddr 400 Twinmos memory running at 400

Hitachi ata bootdisk, two partitions, c: and d:

Maxtor SATA II 160Mb disk on a Sil 3112A controller with the newest Silicon
Image supplied ,,base'' driver installed with F6 at installation, two
partitions G: and H:

Memorysticks on f:

DVD RAM on e:

LG DVD writer connected over USB on I

NVIDIA driver by Microsoft, driver collected from Microsoft at install

AC 97 driver by Microsoft, driver collected from Microsoft at install

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