vista install error, 0x80070003



Hi, I got windows vista ultimate 64-bit and am currently trying to install
it. But every time I get to expanding files it hangs at 13-14 %. Then it says
error 0x80070003. What should I o about this?

My computer's motherboard is asus A8R-MVP.
sapphire x1300 graphics card with 512 mb ram, amd 64 processor, 2 Gb RAM,
and im trying to make a clean install of vista on a western digital 250 Gb
hard disk.


Doing a search in Google brings up this error and may be due to a few

First > Make sure the disc is completely clean as it may be the disc has a
spec of dust or the disc might not be working properly all together.

2) Secondly Set Boot order in bios and make sure you main Hard Drive you are
installing vista on is set to be booted 1st. then DVD rom etc (To get to
boot order you will have to press something like F12 depending on bios.

3) Make sure your Bios is upto date

4) Unplug any peripherals such as, printers, external drives, microphone
webcams etc

5) If you have a second hard drive remove it install vista then add second
HDD back in as it maybe detecting or trying to install to second hard drive
(if you have one)

6) Check you got all the latest drivers for motherboard etc and make sure
all components support vista.

7) If all fails then copy the Vista disc at a slow speed maybe 2x and then
try as it may be the disc.

Hope this information helps solve your problem. Good Luck :)


Your Motherboard Supports Vista. Go Here For Latest Drivers for Your

I also notice there is a bios update for motherboard released on 26/03/2007
(Last Month). Make sure you have the latest one. Website tells you how to do
this etc.

Latest Drivers for Graphics Card Can Be Found Here:
(Make sure you select rite one as there is a X1300, X1300 Pro and X1300 XT.)

Also if you have virus software etc uninstall as this could and may cause


Hmm, how do i change the boot order to boot the hard drive first yet install
from dvd. If i set the hd first it just boots into windows.


abslutely no luck,

1. I was able to install vista on a virtual machine, so its not the disk.
2. Don't rally get the boot order.
3. bios up to date.
4. everything but the mouse, keybord, and monitour is unplugged.
5. only one hard drive
6. vista upgrade advisor sas everithing is ok
7. same as 1.

Help! None of these work!!!


You should only install Vista drivers that are compatible with Vista while
operating Vista, and, likewise, use XP drivers that are compatible with XP
while operating XP. You can't install Vista drivers while operating XP,
unless the drivers happen to be compatible with both operating systems. The
driver download page will clearly indicate what operating system(s) the
driver will work on. (In some cases, when operating Vista and no Vista
driver is available for a certain device, an XP driver might work, but then,
again, it might not. However, this should be a choice of last resort).



Becasue you set HD to first boot of course it will load windows instead but
usually you should be able to press something like F12 - F8 something like
that which will ask you which you want to boot first (which you would select
your dvd/cd drive) this way it will then boot from CD but also keep HD set
as first boot priority in BIOS.


I have exhausted al possibilities, boot order and all. Vista still doesn't
want to install! I have absolutely no idea of what I should do.


I got the same error installing Vista 64 and tried everything listed in these
forums. Boot order, BIOS update, different HDs, etc. The only thing that
worked for me was changing the DVD Drive. I tried 4 different drives (that I
own) before finding the right one.

BenQ DW1655 (didn't work)
BenQ DW1620 (didn't work)
Lite-On LTC-48161H (failed at 14% expanding)
Lite-On LH20A1S (Success!)

The LH20 drive is a SATA DVD Drive while the other 3 use the older ATA
interface. Other particulars about my setup:

Asus A8R-MVP motherboard (BIOS 0602)
Crucial Ballistix 2GB
ATI 1800 XT
WD 300GB HD.

I think the 64 bit hardware requirements are stricter than the 32 bit
install. I was successful installing Vista 32 using all the drives above.
It's also possible that Vista 64 liked SATA interface better. Hope this

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