Vista Freezes - mostly at the password screen



I'm am trying to get a new build to work consistently here. When I start up
the system and get into Vista the system always ends up freezing up. Then
when I restart and select start in normal mode it usually locks up at the
password screen. When I do get through, usually my mouse cursor won't move
and I have to unplug then plug in the USB for the mouse. Then it works. But
after an unspecified amount of time, it will freeze up again.

QX6850 Intel
EVGA 680i mobo (TI version)
XFX GeForce 8800 Ultra
4g RAM OCZ2N10662GK
150GB WD Raptor HDD
Ultra X3 1000watt psu
SB X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card
Razer Copperhead mouse
G15 Logitech keyboard

Windows is updated, gpu has newest drivers, mobo has newest drivers

Installed software -
AVG free anti-virus and spy-ware
nTune for NVidia
Pretty sure that is it.

I reinstalled Vista yesterday - before the reinstall I saw -
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL one time - not since reinstall
razerhid MFC application has stopped working one time - not since reinstall
The only errors I have seen since reinstall of Vista-
File: \Windows\system32\DRIVERS\nvstor32.sys (was corrupt and fixed with
vista dvd)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Under Contol Panel/Administrative Tools there is an Event Viewer....what
errors are listed??


I trouble shot with microsoft for about 6 hours, I think the problem is
resolved. Thanks for the response though.

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