Vista Media Center, DPI & 46XBR2 issues



I have a call for help and hope someone out there can help or point me in the
right direction? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

Some background info on my setup that may be related to my issue... I have a
PC I built myself running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit, Microsoft Wireless
Entertainment Desktop 7000, Core 2 duo E6600, 4 gb Mushkin HP2 Ram, eVGA 680i
SLI mobo and eVGA 8800 GTX connected to my SONY KDL-46XBR2 via DVI to HDMI
running at 1920 X 1080P at 60Hz.

My issues:

1. The biggest pain I have right now is that I built this computer to be my
media hub for my home theather and sit approximately 7 or 8 feet away and am
having a very hard time getting everything to be easliy viewed from this
distance without going crazy big or straining my eyes.

I'm trying to keep my resolution at 1920 X 1080P and try to size everything
up via the custom DPI setting in Vista Ultimate. I'm pretty happy with the
custom DPI around 170 (still tweaking so give or take and I do use xp styling
option in custom dpi) however at this resolution my icons are way too big on
the desktop and certain dialog boxes are blown up so big you cannot see or
click on some options (but the text is easy to read ). So I'm trying to
figure out how to make it easy to read everything without lowering the
resolution if possible.

2. When I access Media Center my mouse disappears but if I move it around
things will still highlight. This is a major pain as I rarely use a keyboard.
I have spent over nine hours at work and home trying to find a solution and
no luck.

Most fixes I've came across say to turn off pointer trails but I do not use
them as well as I only have one monitor and one mouse (I've also seen where
someone suggested to turn on pointer trails and still no luck). I've also
reinstalled my video and mouse drivers and checked for updates. This is a new
system and therefore I have not installed any third party software yet, just
an fyi. Also I have no other issues in any other programs with my WED 7000.

3. Okay here is where things are a little crazy... In trying to fix the
issues above I uninstalled my video drivers and reinstalled and noticed in my
Nvidia control panel that my native resolution is something like 700 x 400
(I'm pretty sure but not 100% that it showed 1920 X 1080 before I did that)
however it still had me on 1920 X 1080P.

If I click on change to my native resolution things get blown out of
proportion and I have to let it auto revert back (where it asks if you want
to keep the settings). Also if I go into the HDTV section of the control
panel and click on 1080P it puts me at 1920 X 1080p but my native resolution
info still says the 700 x 400 or whatever (not at home) on the previous
screen. My LCD has been setup with 1:1 pixel mapping or what have you and
shows 1080p on my tv as well. My pc is coming in on input 8 if that matters
(the tv's regular PC input kicks in only if you're using a VGA connection I
belive but probably wrong.

Also since day one Device Manager lists my LCD tv as a generic display
device however Nvidia control panel has Sony as the name but nothing model
specific. Contacted Sony on this issue and they have no ideas and no drivers
for their lcd tv's.

Any ideas on how to fix the native resolution if it's a problem at all? And
yes the KDL-46XBR2 is a native 1920 X 1080P LCD TV.

I hope I've included all pertinent information but if I've forgotten
anything just ask.




Fixed the native resolution via a tip from the eVGA forums by: uninstalling
the current nvidia driver and deleting the nvidia folder and installing the
newest driver that came out today.

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