Vista & External Storage Devices & NAS Boxes Problems & Issues,+Ot




I am running Vista Business OS now since January this year. So far there are
goods things about Vista and there are definatelt bad things occurring that i
need help with.

My PC is Pentium 4, 3.06Ghz, 4G Ram, Nvidia 7600 Card, Creative Audigy ZS VE
External Sound Card.

I also have the following Storage Devices which worked fine with XP but
Vista cant seem to recognise these drives at all. I have un-installed drivers
and re-installed many times, ive done everything i can possibly think of
reading every forum site all over the world. Still getting no where.

1. 160GB Sata External USB Hard Drive
2. 400GB NAS Drive with USB Combo
3. 320GB External USB Hard Drive
4. 200GB External USB Hard Drive

basically whether these hard drives are connected via the LAN or via USB,
Vista doesnt recognise it, ie, when i go to my computer, they arent there.
Funnily enough, when i first hooked up the 200GB External Device, Vista
recognised it, but then vanished after a few weeks, what tha!. Have been
trying to sort this issue and others out since February, so you can imagine
my frustration.

- Secondly, for some reason, Vista doesnt recognise my HP Wireless 7410 All
in one Printer either, i can only print if its directly connected to my LAN,
this doesnt help my other 2 PC's that are connected to the LAN.

- Everytime i turn or re-boot my pc, all i keep getting is, please
re-install drivers, why arent these drivers saving themselves so it can stop
this prompting.

- My Creative Audigy 2 ZS VE card, is having major issues with Vista, dont
have full functionality, but am taking this up directly with Creative, which
let me tell you all is a full on challenge to say the least.

- Vista is also making it very hard for me to forward my ports on my linksys
WAG54G.v3 Gateway, this is also a major challenge, not sure what to do here
at all.

- When i extend my monitor to my 42" LG Plasma, this is very difficult to
do, plus the fact that my movie viewing pleasure is now crap because the
sound and picture are all out of sync, this mind you never occured with XP
Pro nor XP Media Center. Dont know what to do here either.

- Nero Burning, well where do i start with this one, sometimes it works and
other times i cant even open the software, this has been installed correctly
mind you. Its just that Vista sometimes does and sometimes doesnt allow me to
use it.

My Other PC which is running Vista Business too, isnt allowing Limewire to
work either, something to do with the firewall, but when i check firewall
settings, i have allowed for Limewire to go through, funnily enough, i have
the same settings on 2 different PC's. yet one is allowed to be used and the
other isnt. Go Figure.

- I am running Nortons Internet Security 2007 and Symantec Enterprise
Edition Security on all 3 PC's. On one PC i have the Vista firewall on and
the other i have it off (currently testing both ways), also using Windows
Defender on all the PC's.

Some one please help out with a solution. This is driving me insane to say
the least.

i can be emailed at the following email address.

(e-mail address removed)

Theo M




Theo M,

You have so many issues it's hard finding a place to start. I have only one
suggestion, and it relates to your problem with Vista not recognizing your
external USB drives. The following is the officially recommended procedure
for connecting external USB drives:

IMPORTANT: Failure to connect the drive using the procedure below may result
in your system not recognizing the drive. Also, not disconnecting the drive
correctly could result in data corruption or data loss.

To connect your external hard drive to your PC computer:

Turn on your computer and allow Windows to load.

Plug in the power to the external hard drive and let it spin up.

Connect the data cable to the drive first and then to the computer.

You should see a new icon appear in the system tray and the drive should
appear in the Device Manager

If you haven't tried doing the connection in the way indicated, try it to
see what happens. Other than that, that's all I have for now. I'll review
your other items to see what I can do. I'll post back if I have something to



thanks so much, i will try this method out, hopefully it works,
ultimately it should be this way, i really hope microsoft sorts these issues
out, i know there is plenty of people out there having the same problems.

hope to get some more great methods and comments like that.



Theo M,

I think you're using the correct approach by contacting Creative about your
Audigy sound card. Here is a post I found on another forum about that:


Finally... had to go into my registry, and delete everything i could find to
do with my sound card (use regedit, find "creative" "sound blaster" "audigy"
and delete every entry that you can - there was 2 or 3 that couldn't be
deleted - don't worry about these)

I also had to update my graphics card drivers (nvidia's latest vista beta
drivers), then i installed the SBAX'vista beta drivers, everything seems to
be working, apart from EAX, but I can live without that for now..

I don't know about installing upgraded graphics drivers has to do with it,
but that's what was posted. Go figure.

Regarding the port forwarding problem with your Linksys, I suspect that this
is not a Vista issue. Those type problems typically involve configuring the
settings in the modem/router equipment. Consult the user manual available
for your hardware or contact the vendor for assistance. You could also find
a user group that address these type issues. Just some thoughts.

Onward and upward.


Theo M,

Here is a good forum for posting problems with configuring external
TVs/monitors. That forum has some real expertise and you'll likely get some
good information there:

Be mindful that not all problems are cause by Vista, though it's not




Theo M,

Regarding Nero, I found this post on another forum written by someone who
was having the same or similar problem as you:

Guys, got this e-mail from Nero, I followed their instructions and it worked
for me:

thank you for your e-mail and your interest in our software.

Please delete all Nero 7 applications off of your system using our
special Nero 7 CleanTool.

First make sure you have your Nero 7 serial number. You will need it to
install Nero/NeroExpress.

Launch Nero StartSmart and open the Nero ProductCenter by clicking on the
"Nero" logo in the upper left corner. Select the "Serial Numbers" tab to
view your serial number.

Alternatively, you can also find your serial number as follows:

Open the Registry by clicking on "Start" in Windows, clicking on "Run",
entering "regedit" in the text field, and confirming with "OK".

Now select the path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info

Double-click on the "serial7" entry.

Your serial number can be found at this location.

The serial number is structured as follows:
Retailversion: 1Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-...
Nero Essentials: 4Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-...

When you have your serial number, proceed to download the Nero 7
CleanTool using the following link:

Save this file to your Desktop.
Unzip the CleanTool with WinZip or WinRar and double-click on the .exe

Reboot your system when the CleanTool has finished.

The Registry will have been cleaned and all Nero entries removed.

After this process has been completed, download and install the latest
Nero 7 version from our website using the following link:

Enter your Nero 7 serial number to make your Nero into a permanent
version. (The download without a serial number is a trial version only).

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact
us again.

I don't know anything about this, but that's what I found. Sounds to me as
if Nero has some compatibility issues.


Theo M,

Regarding Lineware, I found this comment on another forum in response to
someone having problems running Limeware with Vista:

There are no problems with LimeWare on Vista.
Just download the latest version 4.12.11
Install - it will install java if you need it.
Then after the final setup where you choose the shared folder - everything
worked without problems

What trouble are you having.

(I did not have to alter any local firewall settings or anything else)

I don't know about this Limeware business, but some have problems and some
don't. It doesn't appear to be a Vista problem. I dunno.


Theo M,

One last comment. It's important to note whether you have the 64 bit or the
32 bit version of Vista. Some vendors have program versions that run on both
and some don't. In other words, some vendors supply versions that only run
on 32 bit Vista. Watch for that. Just something to consider.


Theo M,

I neglected to include that you should download and install all the updates
available at the Microsoft update site, if you haven't already done so.
These sometimes address issues you didn't even know you had.





thanks for all your comments, but ultimately this should not be happening,
it really is as simple as that. Microsoft needs to address these issues very
soon as its one beyond the joke, i just hope their first service pack has
this stuff addressed in one update.

i really do.


Theo M,

I hope everything works out well for you. Try finding a friend with
technical skills to give you a hand. Frustration is not good for the soul.




I am using Vista Ultimate while my computer does have trouble rtecognizing
my 305gb external firewire/USB combo drive I have managed to get it to work
in a fashion. My problem is that when I shut down or restart the drive is
reported as not there or corrupt. Any ideas on a fix would be appreciated

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