Vista DEP Problems


Bob in PGI

Microsoft Vista DEP Violation Problems
I have 32 bit Microsoft Vista Ultimate. It is running on a Dell XPS420 with
Q6600, 2.4GHZ quad processor that I purchased in December 2007. I have 4 GB
@ 667 MHZ of memory (3.3 GB usable). I have a 256 MB ATI HD 2600 graphics
card. I have a Dell Ultrasharp 22 inch monitor (1680 x 1050 pixels). I use
McAfee VirusScan Plus. I have Office Professional 2003 and use Outlook for
e-mail. Microsoft Works 8.5 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 came with the
computer. I have 2 Optical drives E: & F: a 320 SATA hard drive C: & D: and
a 250 GB SATA hard drive G: for backup. I use Embarq DSL. I have a HP psc
1210v all-in-one printer for normal use and a very simple Lexmark Z600
printer used exclusively for printing name badges. Microsoft update is auto
and all Microsoft software is current. Except for Microsoft Vista SP1 which
Microsoft has advised not to install. Other programs such as McAfee
VirusScan, Windows Defender etc. are up to date.

I had a problem with my Microsoft Vista print spooler (spoolsv.exe) stopping
on Data Execution Prevention (DEP) violations from the time I installed my HP
and Lexmark printers. This has been only an irritation to date as I have set
the spooler to always restart 1 minute after failure. However lately I am
having more programs stop on DEP violation. The Microsoft Vista†WMI
Provider Host†has stopped several times on DEP. I do not know what the
“Vista WMI Provider Host†does. I did not see any adverse results with the
Microsoft Vista†WMI Provider Host†stopped. So far my DEP violations have
been random and inconsistent. The print spooler stops on DEP even when both
printers are off. I have performed hardware checks as recommended by Dell
and the computer hardware tested OK.

Today however, Microsoft Vista Internet Explorer 7 failed 4 times on DEP
violations. These failures were repeatable. I was filling in a grant
application at the My Safe Florida Home Website. I went through several
pages of questions on the website and filled in the necessary data. The
final step was to “Browse†for and open my home insurance data (a .jpg file)
and to “Browse†for and open my Property Appraisal (a .jpg file). Each time
I clicked on browse, Microsoft Vista IE7 stopped on a DEP violation and I
lost my connection to the My Safe Florida Home Website. After determining
that my new Dell XSP420 computer was not able to complete the grant
application, I got out my 6 year old HP Presario laptop with XP and was able
to complete the grant application without any problems.

Does anyone know why my very expensive Dell XPS420 computer continues to
have DEP Violations.



Rick Rogers

DEP hardware is very common in desktops now.

I'm guessing that OP has a problem with a non-compliant or malicious

I also find it curious that the application forms he speaks of are in .jpg
format as they are not editable. I would have thought .pdf, and if that were
the case I'd have said that the version of Adobe software in use was not

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts

Bob in PGI

In my description of repeatable DEP violation by IE7. IE7 crashed on DEP
violation when I clicked on the website's Brouse button. I never got passed
that point. I.e. did not get to select and open the desired document.

Was Dell suposed to do something to set up Vista DEP? Please note Dell sold
me 4 GB of memory little of which is useable.

Thanks for your help

Not Me

right click the IE icon and select start without add ons

do you still get the error?
if not, disable addons and add them back 1 at a time until you find the one
causing the problem

Bob in PGI

I checked and found 14 IE7 addons. I do not know how they got there. I did
install McAffee's Site Advisor and Phishing Filter. Some of these addons
look strange. I guess I should remove them and see if IE7 will work on the
My Safe Florida Home web site. But IE7 addons do not explain the Microsoft
Print Spooler DEP violations.



Bob in PGI

Vista DEP Violation Problems Solved

Today my Vista Print Spooler stops on DEP violation problem changed from an
intermittent problem to continuous problem. I.e. my printers were totally
inoperative. This seemed to be the result of activating my Microsoft Vista
FAX software and sending a FAX. With the help of Dell’s technical specialist
Marc I believe I have found the source of my Vista DEP problems. Marc found
a non-vista compliant printer driver on my computer. Marc removed the
non-vista compliant driver and the Print Spooler stop on DEP violations went
away. I can not go back and test the My Safe Florida Home web site IE7
problem because I completed my application on my XP laptop and My Safe
Florida Home will not allow a duplicate application.

Background: When I first received my computer and tried to connect my
Lexmark Z600 printer, I found that Vista did not have a driver for it. Vista
said to insert the CD that came with the printer, which I did. The driver on
the CD was not for Vista and did not work. I contacted Lexmark and they used
remote access to remove the non-compliant driver and install the correct
driver for Vista. However the non-compliant Lexmark Z600 driver was not
completely removed.

As a bonus my “The Ultimate Troubleshooter†started working. The connection
between TUT and a bad print driver is unknown.

A big thanks to Marc at Dell.

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