Vista DEP freezes the system ?

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André Landreau

Hi everybody, all the best for 2008!

Now here is the problem:

My HP workstation has been running fine since March 2007 under Vista
Ultimate. Since several days it fails intermittently with a message saying
that Rundll32.dll was stopped by the Data Execution Checker (DEP) and then
freeze everything. Nothing works, mouse pointer gone, Ctrl+alter+delete does
not move a thing. The only solution out is to shut down the computer.

I ran AVG antivirus full scan, no problem reported

I ran Windows Defender full scan, no problem identified.

I ran the System File Checker (Sfc /scannow) for check and repair if
required, I got the following message:

If sfc can't do anything what can I do to solve it? Please advise.

I looked at the CBS.log file it's a bunch of data (4.5 Meg) that's hard to
understand! Is there a way to get something useful out of it?

Thank you for help.

André M. Flandreau

Anthony L. Rondon

I had the same problem until I downloaded a utility for my Hitachi hard
drive and increased it's performance settings. You may want to see if your
hard drive manufacturer has a similar utility for you.


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