Vista beta 2 - running very choppy



I've got beta 2 on a 3.2ghz gateway, 512k of ram, should be running good
right? I just installed it, and the system is running REALLY choppy, the
mouse sticks and goes, sticks and goes, ... what could be the problem?
Programs load slowly too. I did an upgrade from XP home edition by the way if
that helps. Please email me at (e-mail address removed)!



Peter M

With all the debug/symbol code and considering optimizations aren't turned
on (we have to wait for RC1 at least) 512meg is going to run slow.
Considering 512meg is the is the bottom limit to run XP well (my opinion)
let alone a beta OS. I do hope you didnt upgrade over XP. Not only now will
you have lost XP, an upgrade over an existing OS is bound to cause problems
with conflicting drivers and such.



Justin Payne

I'm running 1.6Ghz with 512 MB Ram; my Vista is working very well; not
choppy at all. Although I initially did the upgrade; I found that it was as
you described; being choppy and such; but with the clean install that I did
just after that; everything has been working like a dream.

You may want to check out the control panel; and Performane Rating and
Tools; I found some good suggestions from Vista in there on how to speed up
the system as well. Ironically; my system is rated as 1; but I'm working
quicker than I did with Windows XP...


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