Vista 64 bit and games



As Anyone idea about the way of install 32 bit games under windows vista 64?

For example, i have CoD2 and Flatout2 in my primary HD with XP. If i launch
the games from within vista, they runs even better than under XP, the
problem is that i can't install them in my Vista HD directly from Vista.




Although the game may be 32 bit, it may be that the installer is 16 bit. If
this is the case then these games won't be able to be installed under x64.
Neither of them sound like old games that would have a 16 bit installer



Colin Barnhorst

What message are you getting? If the game uses a driver it must be a signed
64bit driver.

You can usually run the installer in XP compatibility mode (right click on
the setup icon and use the compatibility tab) and see if that gets you
going. Explore the cd to find the setup file.

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