need help!! About Command & Conquer game



im using windows vista 32-bit version and requirement to play C&C game is for
windows vista 32 and 64-bit is not supported. so my question is, is there any
idea i can play C&C game? besides that can i using windows vista ultimate
editon or home premium coz my laptop operations system speed is 32-bit...



Dale White

Just an FYI, If you apply the latest patches, I started at 1.03. you can
play under Vista64. I played probably half the game under Vista64 with no
visible problems. I played the rest of XP, and so far I can't tell any
difference in performance (Granted it's an RTS, so there shouldn't be much

Also, any version of Vista should be able to play C&C3. I'm not aware of any
special gaming features built into 1 flavor of Vista over the other. I would
expect Basic, to business to Ultimate should all work the same in terms of


hai dale white... first of all thanks for your opinion. thanks so much...
anyway i still cant understand what you are really mean and sory for that.
actually whats you really mean with the latest patches? and, where can i get
the 1.03 patch? and do you mean that the 1.03 patch can play in windows vista
64-bit edition only? if that so, what about my windows vista 32-bit edition?
so for what im not understanding and im very2 apreciate that if u can help me
again... thanks...

Dale M. White

Currently there are 4 patches out for Command and Conquer 3, with a 5th
patch due out soon. I started with patch 1.03, as patch 1.01 and 1.02 came
out the first week the game was out and I hadn't yet bought the game. By the
time I bought the game and went to install it, they were at patch 1.03.
Without any patches, the game won't run under Vista64. You will get a
message stating you need a Direct X 9.0c video card.

I didn't try patch 1.01 or 1.02, but after applying patch 1.03. I no longer
got that error message and the game has worked fine since. This patch is for
the game and not for Vista, so it works the same with XP, XP64, Vista32 and

In short, grab the patch and you should be all set.

Here's the link to their patches

Martin Vaupell

The easy way to patch the new CnC if think its that your talking about ?
Tibirum wars ?

If so, then put the dvd in the drive, so it runs, run the autorun.exe it
proberly ask to run it, except if i set it to autorun.

The a small launcher appears, with 5-6 options depending on installion

Play/install - Check for updates - Readme - Website - Quit - more

You chose the "Check for updates" and it should auto update the game
so you dont have to go around looking for those patches. ;)

Hobe it helps...
If its a older CnC the websites might have changed, so the auto patchs
features dont apply anymore, howewer the patches are found on
ea's website. also those pre EA. since they took over westwood.



hai again.... i finished already download the patch that recomended to me,
patch 1.04. but there still has a problem during the time when i play CnC in
skirmish part. when i play the skirmish one, within 2 - 3 min my CnC suddenly
quit by it self. so any idea for what i've mentioned above? like i told you
im using windows vista 32-bit edition and im tired already for the
uncompatable this windows vista edition. so maybe i just change my windows to
windows xp. hope u can give some idea to solve my problem before im changing
to windows xp. thx so much!!!



Martin Vaupell

Same thing happen to me if i try to use a NOCD patch on vista..
i can only run the NOCD on Xp..

So when i play on vista i gotta have the CD/DVD in the drive. :/

Do you play with the CD in drive?

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