Vista 5308 domain logon over wireless


Paul J. Melia

I successfully(?) installed 5308 on my main workstation the other night, got
my wirless adapter working and set up the IPv4 properties as I usually do
for other computers on my network (static, unique IP; gateway set to my
wireless ADSL router; DNS set to my PDC) and quite happily joined the

I can ping other machines on the network from the Vista installation and
ping the Vista installation from other machines; I can look up AD
information on the PDC from the Vista installation and add domain user
accounts to local groups on the Vista installation with no problem. The
registration of the machine account looks okay in AD and DNS.

I've disabled the Windows firewall and stopped and disabled the firewall
service, but when I log off the local account and try to log in as domain
account I have no joy: instead I get a message saying that no logon servers
exist for the current domain (the machine account looks to have been created
okay in AD). Trying to ping the Vista machine when no user is logged in to
it times out. Am I right in assuming that when no one is logged in Vista has
disconnected from the wireless network? If so is there something I can do to
get arround this, if not can anyone suggest any other reason why I might not
be able to logon to the domain?


Zack Whittaker \(R2 Mentor\)

It could well be the server... they still haven't got networking fully
sorted out yet - I've got my machine on a seperate workgroup because I can't
stick mine on the domain at home either :blush:(

Zack Whittaker
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Prashanth Prahalad


I'm assuming that you have joined the Vista client to a W2K3 domain and the
machine has been rebooted etc.

Yes, one possibility is that wireless turns off when noone is logged in. To
check this, you can login in the local account, from a command prompt try
running this - runas /user:<domain/username> cmd - this should prompt you
for the username password and new command prompt with domain username cred
should start up. If this works fine, then it could be a wireless issue.

Other thing to do would be to capture any network traffic from the client
while you are trying to logon - if the wireless is turned on, then there
should be some network traffic and it might be point to some failure.

Thanks ~

Paul J.Melia


I've done the check as you suggested, and had no problem starting a new
command prompt as the domain account. There must be something going on with
the WLAN when no one is logged in as the Vista box can't be pinged. Network
connectivity is fine when I'm logged into Vista: I'm remotting into the PDC
from Vista (logged in as a local user and supplying creds when prompted) at
the moment to check the AD and DNS setup. Looks like the WLAN connection is
only established when you login?


Paul J. Melia

Thanks Prashanth,

Tried the command prompt trick: no problem, get a new command prompt running
under the domain user creds.

Vista must be disconnecting from the WLAN when no-one is logged on as the
Vista box is pingable when someone is logged in. Network connectivity is
fine otherwise: I'm posting this from an RDP session into the PDC (logged
into Vista using a local account and providing creds as prompted) as Vista's
windows mail is not happy about posting (something for a post elsewhere I
think :))



Paul J.Melia

Not sure exactly how this started working, but I tried to log in to the
domain this morning and got in! Logged out again and then logged back in
locally, noticed that Vista has lost the connection to my WLAN, re-connected
and noticed a check-box on the connection dialog "make this connection
available to other users of this computer", checked that and now everything
is okay!!!

Thanks for your comments,


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