Virtual Memory Annoyance


Robert Somrak

Use XP64

Current Installed
Physical Memory
Total 4094 MB
Used 2015 MB
Utilization 49 %

Swap Space
Total 4374 MB
Used 1957 MB
Utilization 45 %

Virtual Memory
Total 8469 MB
Used 3972 MB
Free 4497 MB
Utilization 47 %

Paging File
Paging File C:\pagefile.sys
Initial / Maximum Size 512 MB max 2092 MB

Paging File H
3612 MB max 4092

Paging File P
3612 MB max 4092

both drives P and H are Raid Arrarys configured as Raid 10 so the i/o
performance is killer which is why I have the C swap set to minimum and
larger for p and h. Also I don't like the swap on the OS driver as I figure
it is busy enough already.

So the question and annoyance are --- I continually get a message the
virtual memory is running critically low and needs to be increased

Even at 47% utilization I still have 4 GB of memory which is more than
ample. Do I need to change something or is this but an example of how inept
XP is with memory utilization and allocation?? I really don't want to
increase page file on 'c' much, maybe lock it at 768mb or so,, I would rather
adjust H and P if necessary.

Thanks, Bob



Andrew E.

Go to run,type:regedit In regedit,expand:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/system/current
controlset/control/sessionmgr/open memorymanagement.Locate:DisablePaging
Executive on it,go to edit,modify,set to 1 from 0,close out
sets xp to use more ram than paging file.Outlined by intel



Robert Somrak

Thanks Andy,, your explaination was clear and to the point. I had remembered
that it was possible to direct xp to use more ram vs pagefile. We'll see how
it goes. I am not sure how well xp does with 3 different locations, but
overall the performance of my workstation is excellent.

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