Virtual Directory; ASP.NET 2.0; Development Server



Hey all,
Is there anyway to create a virtual directory in the new Development Server?
I have a image folder with about 2 gigs of images. I would like to store this elsewhere on my filesystem, rather then under the application because it cause problems.
1) VSS wants to put them under source control.
2) I want these file avalible to multiple projects, and moving them around and updating them everywhere is a pain.

If this can't be done, should I switch project to use IIS?
Is there any new considerations with ASP.NET 2.0 and using IIS that are different from 1.1. IE:Gotchas with the 2.0 and IIS debugging?





Juan T. Llibre

If you want people here to take your posts seriously,
you'd do well not to post your questions/comments
several times with different signatures.

That turns off the very same people who might be able to help you.
Nobody appreciates someone wasting their time.

Juan T. Llibre, MVP : faq :
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I tried sending twice on a new smtp server, and both times it failed.
I then when to a different software package (and server) to post to
this group (anonomous) and it worked. Unfortunately, the first 2
showed up.

Sorry for the breach in etiquette.


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