viewing Wmm in Windows media player



I created a movie w/audio in windows movie maker but when I email the movie
it loads in media player(wmv) which is fine. However the movie plays in a
small screen (2" x 3") and the quality of the movie is not the same quality I
saw while creating the movie. If I go to full sceen in media player, the
movie quality is horrible.

What did I do wrong? Are there any quick fixes to my problem? I would like
to email the movie to other people

Thx for any help


Did you use the "Send in e-mail" option?
This will create a very small video for emailing thus losing video quality.
If your email server as well as the servers of your friends allow a larger
filesize then save it as a larger file using the "Best fit to filesize"
option then attach it to your email and send. It will take longer to
transmit, obviously, but the quality will be better.

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