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I have a PPT presentation that was created by someone else. It shows only ONE
slide, unless you play the slide show, in which case it shows lots of slides.
Evidently they're stacked or layered or something, and I cannot figure out
how to access them. Can anyone help?



David Marcovitz

Since you are using 2004 for Mac, you might want to ask your question in
the Mac group. I don't think 2004 has a presentation object as an
option. Perhaps, what you are seeing is all done with animation. What do
you see when you go to the Slide Show menu and choose Custom Animation.
If I am right, you will see a long list of things on the right side
under Animation Order.

I don't see an option for Presentation Object.

David M. Marcovitz
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Associate Professor, Loyola University Maryland


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