video mode not supported, even in SAFE mode



I have two Windows XP , SP3 systems.
One with a 19" LCD monitor, 1280x1024.
One with a 20" LCD monitor, 1600x1200.
(Samsung 204B)

The one with 20" LCD monitor stays in 1600 x 1200 mode when I boot into SAFE mode.
I don't know why. I've not experienced any other system that does that.

The Video card is Nvidia 6200. I use the video card because the motherboard video failed about 2 years ago.

The 20" monitor died with what seems to be a power issue. It comes on slowly, then shortly after the boot completes,
the monitor slowly fades out and never comes back on.

When I put the 19" monitor on (Also a Samsung, The monitor posts a message "Video mode not supported"

Repetitive reboots into SAFE mode produces the same situation.

Is there a way to reset the XP settings so the system will boot and I can change to 1280x1024 mode?



if you use the f8 key
to launch the boot

there should be a
boot option to enable
basic vga mode.

however, since you
are using a video

it is unknown if it
will provide you
with basic vga.


another thing to look
into is your bios settings.

some bios can disable
or enable the agp mode
to the video input on the

as well as enable / disable
pci mode for the video card.

so maybe you can
retry your motherboards
agp, if the video card
proves futile.


lastly, there is a trick
to disable drivers while
booting in normal mode.

immediately after you
select "normal" mode
in the boot menu,

hold down the right shift
key until the icons begin
to appear on the desktop.

the process will take some
time so don't let go of the
shift key until you see an


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