Video in WinMessenger - UPnP Issues



Hi. I am trying to understand how we can get audio/video to work in Windows
Messenger (v5) when both clients are behind their NAT gateways attached to
broadband connections. We have checked to make sure that the WinXP SP2
firewall has both Windows Messenger and the UPnP Framework exceptions
allowed, and that UPnP has been enabled on our routers (one is a Draytek
Vigor 2600, the other is a Netgear DG834GT).

Windows Messenger video/audio still won't work, however we tested MSN
Messenger, and that DID work. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use MSN
Messenger, so am trying to get Windows Messenger to work. What am i missing?
Do I need to do more than just "enable" UPnP on the routers? Any help
gratefully received.




Michael Taylor

I'm no expert on this but you could check the following:
1/ On your Windows XP clients, check that Internet Gateway device discovery
and the UPnP user interface options are on, both to be found in network
services of add/remove windows components. Often that last one isn't needed
but sometimes it can make a difference.
2/ Are two clients behind the Vigor router able to do a video conference
with each other? And the same for the Netgear? This may help you to narrow
down the problem to one router or the other, or to individual clients on
each router.

My interest in this is the Vigor. I was considering getting one :)
My Zyxel Prestige 652-R11 supports upnp but needs resetting every 2-3 days
because the UPnP detection stops working, and Zyxel are not interesting in
fixing it.



Thanks for the reply Mike.

1. I have checked, and Internet Gateway device discovery is installed. UPnP
user interface options however, were not. I shall re-test, with that option

2. Yes, if both clients are on the same LAN (ie, both behind the same
gateway), Windows Messenger works fine. The problem only occurs once both
clients are behind their respective NAT'ed gateways.



Hi all,

Iam not an expert ,however, regarding this issue I need to break my head and
here are the findings.

U can easily find out your network ,I mean router or firewall is Upnp
enabled from messenger settings –tools –settings –connection status.
Messenger will clearly detect this network is UpnP enabled or not.

Please check your router or firewall weather they are enabled with UPNP




Hi isn't there is a way to tell Winmessenger to use a STUN server ?
Then 99% of the routeurs would work without have to enable such a
security hole as Upnp.

Stun is supported on most SIP software


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