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Lost In Space/Woodchuck

I recently purchased a new gateway FPD2275W monitor and think I need to
upgrade my ATI 9600 128meg DAC 400mhz card. I have noticed when I have TV
via ATI software that system resources for ATI usually run around the 50-60%
value for ATIMMC.exe. This was never an issue with my older 17" LCD. I'm
looking for a better card, and maybe one that I could send the TV onto my
old LCD too? Is that possible? I also do some home video editing as a hobby,
if that makes a difference on selecting a card? I'm open to suggestions and
"why" you select a particular card And... finally a card that will not break
the bank$.

my system P4 2.4g 1gig memory and RAID HD


Barry Watzman

I don't think that the video card is going to make any difference for
this application.

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