Very Slow login to domain. HELP!


Craig N.

Ok, this was part of a post, so I figured I would just
make it a new post since it is my biggest problem.

Quick overview.
Built a brand new doamin controller, 2 servers both
running active directory. The specs of the servers.

-HP DL380's Dual Xeon 3.4 ghx, 2 gig Ram, 5- 36 gb hard
drives in raid 5
-Windows 2000 service pack 4
-Active directory, DNS, and DHCP
-PDC/BDC type scenerio (wrong terms, yes I know)

Anyways, when a client logs in, it takes 4-5 minutes.
Although I also have a SQL server running on windows 2000
server, and when I try logging someone in on that machine
it is almost instant.

What I did was intalled Active Directory, which turned on
DNS, then I added my users, and then on the second
server, I activated Active Directory, and it replicated.

At that point, login was nearly instant. In the morning,
when the client tested it, it was super slow. Any ideas?

Here is one thing, before I left, I was playing, and my
domain controleers are named DC01 and DC02, DC01 being
primary. Anyways, I got into DC02, and the DNS wouldnt
connect to DC01, so I right clicked, and went
to "delegate control" just to see what happened, I set
the control to DC01, and it grabbed the DC01 DNS server
right away, could that have caused a problem, if so, do I
just delgate control back to DC02, or can I try
depromoting DC02, then repromoting it back to a domain
controller, and letting it replicate?

Any ideas would be great, I'm getting tons of crap
because of this, so thanks go out to anyone that can help.

Oh yeah, all my clients are running on DHCP (XP
machines), and this is an isolated lab with no internet
conenction, but I need to move it to a live environment
like NOW.

Craig N.

Interesting E-mail address, looks familiar :)

The client machines are set to receive the DNS over DHCP.
I have the two AD servers set as:

That is how my DHCP dishes them out. The SQL server that
had a fast login has the DNS inputed manually, and is not
on DHCP, so maybe something is up with the DHCP, makes a
lot of sense. Would Delegating control of DC02 to DC01
possibly casue this?


Well, the more I think about it, if DNS was messed up, it
shouldnt be able to log in at all, but it does, and I can
ping by name, rather than address, so DNS is working.
What specifically in DNS do you think would cause it to
slow down?


It seems to be the name resolution problem.
You have to point your Client machines to point to the
DNS Server which is your Primrary DomainController.Go to
the TCP/IP Properties of the Client Machines.You have to
enter the IP Address of the Dns Server as your Preffered
DNS.Have you checked your DNS Resourec records.Verify your
DNS configuration by nslookup.You can set your Clients to
Point your DNS through DHCP.

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