vertical scrollbar in subform



I have a form with tab controls; some of the tab control pages have subforms
and some have subforms in the subforms. I have no need for horizontal scroll
bars but the subforms have vertical scrollbars. When the tab control is
pressed to display the subform (or sub-subform) the vertical scroll bars are
not at the top...some are midway down the form, others at the bottom of the
form. Does anyone know how I can get the scroll bars to start at the top so
that the top of the page can be seen when it's opened? Thanks for your help.


A tip that often works well here is to set the tabstop option to the first
field. So make sure the first field gets the focus when opening this form. So
the field field should have tabindex 1 which you can set at the properties of
the control within that form.


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