Vertical Scroll bar w/ picture background



I placed a picture in the background of one of my worksheets and now the
vertical scroll bar fills the whole scroll area (hope I am making sense). Is
there a way to force the vertical bar to scroll according to the cells on the
page and not the picture object? I want it to scroll from a1:a67.


Dave Peterson

I don't think so.

Excel uses what it considers the usedrange to determine how that "elevator" on
the scrollbar is shown. And pictures count in the usedrange.


Thanks for the reply, Dave. That's really strange...can you think of any
workaround for my situation? It's not a deal breaker for my workbook
neccesarily, but I was thinking that it could confuse some of my users.

Dave Peterson

I assumed that you used Insert|Picture. If you did, then maybe you could use

If you did use format|Sheet|background, then my original response wasn't correct
for that situation.

I'd try resetting the last used cell on that sheet.

Visit Debra Dalgleish's site:
For a couple of techniques of resetting that last used cell.


Yes, I did Insert-->Picture (actually a shape). Reason I did that is because
I need the cells on the page to be selectable for certain hyperlinks and
formulas but I don't want my users being able to select them when I protect
the sheet (also messes up a macro that runs). Placing a 100% transparent
object on top of the cells was a weird workaround but works for my situation
(also allows users to still click on radio buttons for input).

The only little issue is the vertical scroll bar. I'm sure people will
figure out that they can still scroll down, just thought there might be a way
to make it look better for the users.

I appreciate your ideas though. Thanks.

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