VBA project not viewable



I have a file at work that I wrote macros and password protected the file and
the VBA. I copied the file to my home computer and I can open the file ...
and then it says "Could not load an object because it is not available on
this machine."

Also "Compile error in hidden module: This Workbook ... this one is
expected becuase there is code specific to a work setup that would have to be
ammened to work at home.

When I try to go to the VBA code it says "Project is unviewable."

What causes that and how can I setup the file at work so I will be able to
take it to another machine and see the code.

Note: I have other files which are password protected on the VBA that I am
able to enter the password and get to the modules.

Thank you for your help.




Chip Pearson

In what version of Excel were the files originally created and the
code protected? I forget the details, but there was a problem opening
modules protected in a version other than the one under which the code
was originally protected. I vague memory serves, the problem was
between Excel 97 and Excel 2000. Also, such a problem could be caused
by opening files created in USA versions in non-USA version (because
the encryption in some non-USA versions was weaker than in USA
versions). I doubt this last problem in the cause of what you are
seeing. If possible, open the file on the same machine or at least in
the same version of Excel as which it was created.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
Excel Product Group, 1998 - 2009
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC
(email on web site)



Dave Peterson

Just to add to Chip's response...

You can get that message if the workbook is shared, too.

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