VBA Project Password Changed on its own?!?!

May 2, 2012
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I was working in a VBA Project yesterday creating some user defined functions that I have been working on for weeks.

When I left yesterday, I saved, compiled and closed the VBA project. Then I saved a copy to my thumb drive in case I was able to work from home after getting the kids to bed.

I just tried to work on the VBA Project again by double-clicking on the .xla file in its folder on my desktop. I get a message from Excel telling me that file is already open.

So I go in to the Developer section and the VBA project is listed. When I try to expand it to continue working onit, the password screen pops up. I enter the password (the password that I've entered 1,000 times in the last few weeks) and get the message that the password is incorrect.

The .xla file is saved to my desktop, not the network, so I know no one else accessed it and changed the password on me. And even if they did, only my 4, 6 and 7 year olds had could have touched the thumb drive on my key ring and I know they didn't touch it, lol, much less change the password of the version on my thumb drive. I also know I didn't change the password.

The VBA was originally created in Excel 2007 on my home computer but has most recently been accessed from Excel 2010 on my work computer.

Incidentally, I SUCK at VBA so please give advice in VBA for Dummies-ese.

Any idea what happened or what I can do about it?


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