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Kanagam, Nagarajan


I had protect my Access database VBA codings, unfortuantely i for get the
VBA password. If it's possible to VBA password recovery?

Kindly adviced.


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

It depends upon the Access version and possibly how complex your password
is. Search on line for "Access password recovery"

Kanagam, Nagarajan

Thanks for your reply,

The application is MS-office 2003(MDB), i try to search in online but i
didn't get it becoz of all password recovery tools is very cost, hence i need
free ware software of VBA password recovery. Kindly adviced any tools
availed or able to recover the password via vb codings.


Kanagam, Nagarajan

Thank you Arvin,

Another one i would plan to create the 'Remote Desktop connection' via
Access database. Kindly whether it's possible or not, if may possible to do
this kindly adviced with any samples

Apr 26, 2012
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Hello Everybody :) it's quite possible to retrieve passwords from password protected VBA project files. These VBA project files are created in MS Word, Excel or in Power Point.
One can assign password to these file for preventing any unauthorized file access from others. Sometime back I personally forgot my VBA project file password, and subsequently my all information stored in it gets inaccessible. But for my shear good luck, I retrieved my VBA project file password by employing VBA Password Recovery from SysInfoTools :thumb: Now this post for all of those who are facing similar type of problems.

Thanks For Reading.

Hey man.....
You know what? You just deserve this :bow:
Thanks a ton. Last week I forgot my VBA password, I was very depressed. Then I found your worthy suggestion about this tool. I used it, it just made me happy. It made my day.
Thanks a lot.:thumb:

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