VBA digital signature


Geoff Turnbull

"There was a problem with the digital signature. The VBA project could
not be signed. The signature will be discarded."
After months of successfully signing new iterations of the project with
a certificate I created with selfcert.exe, I suddenly became unable to
do so. I've created new certificates, with selfcert and with
makecert/cert2spc/pvkimprt, but cannot sign the project.
Any ideas?

Access 2003; Vista Home SP1.

If there's a better forum, please advise.


José António Silva

In windows vista you have to have the certificate either in Current User /
Personal / Certificates and in Current Machine/Trusted Suppliers??? [I'm not
sure if "suppliers" is the correct name in windows english version.
It could be this, unless you are working and signing on vista before
suddenly became unable to do it.
José António Silva

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