Cannot sign VBA project with certificate and save it.

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Robert M via

I build Visual Basic and Access VBA applications for resale. I just purchased
and installed a code signing certificate from COMODO, my first-ever ($179 2-
yr). When attempting to install, it says, "There was a problem with the
digital certificate. The VBA project could not be signed. The signature will
be discarded."

I first clicked on mycert.spc file and opened the MMC, verifying the
certificate. In VBA, I wrote a small test application, set macro security to
medium, then _successfully_ added the certificate to the code. It does ay
that the VBA project is digitally signed with the new certificate. However,
when I go to save the module, it "bings" with the error, and says it has
removed the certificate. I've compiled it, etc. of course, and I can sign it
with own personal (free) certificate with no problem.

Can anyone tell me what to do? The COMODO vendor hasn't responded yet to my
email for support and they are in the UK (oops)


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