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I am trying to create a remote control that will allow me to work with dual
screens. What I want is when I have the presentation working over 2
monitors, I can control the presentation. I am aware that in slide show
settings, is the option of using Presenter, but I've found this too

I can create the basic macros to advance the slides on the presentation
monitor, but what I really need is to know how the coding would work for the
user to input which slide they went too.

For example:


will take my to the next slide on my 2nd monitor - the actual display area.
Is there anyway I can allow the user to input which slide it goes too (ie
SlideShowWindows(INdex:=1).View.USERCHOICE ? Even better still, I would like
to be able to click on the slide preview (normal view) and it appear on the
2nd monitor.

I hope that's not too confusing. And please bear in mind that I am still
very new at the whole coding thing, so opening and editing a Macro is as
about as far as it goes.


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Bill Dilworth

Sounds like the line of code you are looking for is:
SlideShowWindows(1).View.GotoSlide 12
' goto slide number 12

But there are other ways.
From within any active presentation, just type 12 and {enter} to do the same
or use ready-made solutions:

Bill Dilworth, Microsoft PPT MVP
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