VB.NET Express speed issue


Ali Chambers


I've written a programme that processes stock market price data in
VB.NET 2005 Express. I've optimised the code as much as possible, eg:-
using arrays, not passing parameters to functions, etc...

The code is slow because it is processing large amounts of data many
many times.

However, is there a way to compile the code to other formats to make it

run faster? I've heard of C++ (too difficult for me).

Does the Full Paid Version of VB.NET run code faster than the express

Many thanks,

Greg Young

My guess is that you have algorithmic problems ...

A move to say C/C++ you should only really expect a 10-15% gain providing
you are comparing apples to apples for most algorithms.

Have you tried profiling the application to see where the time is being

btw I know this is possible as I have a real time monitor done in C#
(processes orderbook data (not just price data) for a large exchange in real


Greg Young
MVP - C#

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