Floating point data analysis


Ali Chambers


I'm creating a VB.NET stock market application that Iprocesses stock
market price data in
VB.NET 2005 Express.

Price data is held in "double" floating point array, eg:-
highprice(0-9999) and comparisons are done between highprice(0-9999)
and lowprice(0-9999).

I'm using arrays in memory for this, however suggestions on this group
have said that either hashtables or arraylists would be better for

Does anyone have any experience with the speed performances here?


Ali Chambers

OK - short of using a database, which is faster for large floating
point arrays:

- Hashtable
- Array
- Arraylist

And does anyone know the order of difference magnitude?


Ali Chambers

Each price array (double-type floating point) has about 1000-2000 data
items. There are 4 price arrays per stock (open price, close price,
high & low).

There is no actual data alterations. I am just looking at a price a day
ago, comparing to the next day, day after that - that's a simple
explanation. The process repeats many many times.

I then create moving averages of prices. Buy prices are held in memory,
and the price data is looped through until the price hits a sell point.


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