VB.NET and sql server



I have the following questions about creating sql server 2008 reports with
VB.NET 2008:

I am creating a report that will contain the following:
a. page header with the title of the report,
b. page footers that contain the page numbers, and
c. table of contents to tie about 27 subreports together,
d. several of the tables in the subreport will appear on more than
one page.

Thus, I would like to know how to tie all of this together. I am
planning on doing the following:
1. Put the title of the report in a textbox control,
2. Somehow have logic in the tables to know to wrap to the next page
if a table exceeds the page limit.
Thus, could you make suggestions on how to tie all of this together?

What custom controls would I use?



Cor Ligthert[MVP]

If you create reports with SQL server, than that is the place to do that.

The only think you do in VB for that is do the command executenonquery

Why not try it in a SQL Server newsgroup?





Michel Posseth [MCP]

If i can give you one great tip

Buy yourself a copy of "Smart business intelligent solutions with SQL
server 2008" this is a must have for anyone planning to do some serious
reporting with MS SQL 2008

Also note that SQL server 2008 has a specialized IDE for reporting purposes



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