VB.Net advice needed


Tim Patrick

When moving from VB2003 to VB2005, some of the breaking changes were marked
with the ObsoleteAttribute (or similar) attribute. Visual Studio recognized
this attribute, and displayed a warning or error message on the modified
member. They will probably do something similar for any breaking changes
in Orcas. Many of the changes are really esoteric and are just to warn you,
the programmer. For instance, in that link I posted before, there was a breaking
change warning about the Enter and Leave events for controls, stating that
those event handers might be called more often in .NET 2.0 than they were
in .NET 1.1. There is no upgrade path for this type of change; it's just
a warning.

P.S. for Robin: Since Orcas is still pre-Beta, there might not be an official
public Breaking Changes document at this time. (The document certainly already
exists for those under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Microsoft, but it
might not be public yet.) Sorry I didn't make that clear when I posted the
link. The documented I mentioned is clearly for 1.1 to 2.0 changes.


Thanks; I'll wait until next summer. Or fall. Or winter...
Well, whenever Orcas finally makes its debut.

Robin S.

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