Looking for asp.net centric OOP courses/classes.



Can anyone recommend a course/class/training event that focuses on OOP
concepts in the context of ASP.net?

My background:

My education is in art/graphic design. Later spending most of my time doing
web design (IA, html, css, javascript, etc.)

For the past 4 years or so I've been doing less graphic design and a lot
more ASP.net web application development using VB.net and SQL server. I'm
enjoying it, but mainly being self taught, I'm now at the point where I know
enough to know that I'm doing a lot of things wrong.

My only OOP training has been one semester of introductory JAVA years ago.

I'm looking for a course that focuses on OOP but in the context of ASP.net.
I don't want to just learn ASP.net syntax (as I know that) nor do I want to
just learn broad OOP concepts. I'm really looking something that is more
focused on practical OOP implementation in ASP.net/VB.net

I can find classes on OOP (mainly JAVA based or theory based) and plenty of
classes on VB.net (how to write an application) but nothing that really ties
the two together with practical examples.

Any suggestions? I'm located in the upper midwest.




Paul Hadfield

Any suggestions? I'm located in the upper midwest.

So you're looking for courses near Blackburn, UK?


Feb 24, 2012
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Hi Darrel,
I have been looking into this and if you want to drop me a line at my email (e-mail address removed) I might be able to send you some links and sources that you can use. Seems like India is where this can be found.

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