vb express 2008, problem with help



I'm having trouble with vb express 2008 help. I installed vb express only
(no sql server, no msdn library). I have help configured for an external
help viewer (separate window from vs), and I have selected 'try online first,
then local'. In the help window, when I switch to Index, most links are
broken. When I switch to Contents, I get a tiny fraction of what was
available in vs 2005 professional.

Should I download MSDN Express library (300MB)? If I do, will it
automatically become part of vb express 2008 help?

Should I download MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 (2gig)? If I do, will
it automatically bcome part of vb express 2008 help?

When help is invoked from vb express 2008, why doesn't it go to the online
(presumably full) help data for all of .net?

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