VB 6.0 ActiveX and VB.Net



Hi all,

I am trying to put a Vb6.0 activeX control into a VB.net project. The Vb6.0
activeX control works fine in a VB6.0 app.

But the problem comes when I close down the Vb.net app. I get
the"Application error... memory cannot be written/read". On the other hand,
I will not get this error if I only start up the vb.net app and close it
without doing anything with the activeX control. The vb.net app has only one
form, and the activeX control is at the start up from. I already remove all
codes that are in the ActiveX event (Initialize, Resize, Terminate etc ..)

Is there a way to find out what causes the problem?

Thank you very much,


Norm Cook

Most of the posters & responders in this group are classic VB programmers
(in my case) don't know diddly about VB.Net.

However, it is likely that there are a lot of former classic VB programmers
in the dotnet groups, who might be able to help.

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