VB 2008, how to do installation for small program with a lot of files



I have written program in Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition.
Program use directory with a lot (more then 500) files.
I want to send it to my private www.
So far I zipped it together (program.exe with directory with files), and
after unzipped it program run correctly , but it
isn't good way of installation, for example it wasn't possible to uninstall
it by one click of mouse.

So I want to used Microsoft program to make installation version by
I read about nameoffile.vscontent and about anything.vsi ,
but with out positive result.
At first something said that there is no any file ,
now installation program don't say anything, but at place where is program
after installation and near, there isn't any file from this directory with
more then
500 files.
So I thing, that installation program don't copy any file from installation
version, and don't copy anything from zip file with this 500 files
(I tested two version, with all files :
and with one zipped file: <FileName>sylaby.zip</FileName>
I think I have bad attributes but I don't know what is bad.

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