Usn Journal



Hi. Is there a way to purge the Usn Journal because it seems to be getting
bigger and bigger over time as I can see the size of it in Diskeeper being
over 1 GB now?

Wesley Vogel

Try disabling the Indexing service. Disk quotas?

[[Not all NTFS volumes contain a $UsnJrnl file. A $UsnJrnl file is created
on a volume only when a program that uses the file makes the first write
Error messages when you try to gain access to an NTFS volume

[[Update sequence number (USN) change journal, which provides a persistent
log of all changes made to files on the volume. As files, directories, and
other NTFS objects are added, deleted, and modified, NTFS enters records
into the USN change journal, one for each volume on the computer. Each
record indicates the type of change and the object changed.

Programs can consult the USN change journal to determine all the
modifications made to a set of files. The USN change journal is much more
efficient than checking time stamps or registering for file notifications.
The USN change journal is enabled and used by the Indexing Service, File
Replication Service (FRS), Remote Installation Service (RIS), and Remote

What is $Usnjrnl?
[[The Windows 2000 Change Journal is a database that contains a list of
every change made to the files or directories on an NTFS 5.0 volume. Each
volume has its own Change Journal database that contains records reflecting
the changes occurring to that volume's files and directories.]]
Keeping an Eye on Your NTFS Drives: the Windows 2000 Change Journal

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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