using xp-pro to connect to both Netware 3.1 server and Win2000 server

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Derek Upson - Pioneer

we have had both a netware 3.12 server and a Win2000 server for a long time.
up until now...we have been exclusively on win98 machines. we are now
upgrading to XP workstations. under win98.....most of the workstations have
used the MSFT for Netware client to connect. for one particular reason....I
had always used the Netware client from Novell to connect to the Novell
server (we use the novell server because a big application is on it and
can't be moved to NT).

on my specific Win98 computer....whenever i opened up my web browser, the
home page would load right away (visually) but i could not do anything for
5+ seconds because something on the page was still being loaded. the home
page on all computers here is an internal web page located on our win2000
server. the problem seems to only happen on my computer with the novell
client. when i got my first XP machine running, i had to install the novell
client if i don't want banners to print with each job (a friend of mine told
me that there is no way to shut-off these banners unless you use the novell
client). as soon as i loaded this client...the same problem starting
happening when i started my browser.

anyone have any ideas for me? i am stumped and frustrated.


Any Client can suppress either banner or form feed or whatever. Open Control
Panel/CSNW and configure it.

If you want to simplify a network setup then just replace a Novell Client
with its MS counterpart. If you want to keep a Novell Client (I would) then
reorder protocols in Network Connections menu Advanced/Advanced Settings...
I believe your network preferred protocol is still IPX/SPX in case of NW
3.12. Disconnect NW server and ensure whether it's related to authentication
or not etc.

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