Using Windows Mail as Comcast email client



Does Vista and Office 2007 have a version of Outlook Express (is Windows
Mail the latest version of Outlook Express???) that can be used as client
with Comcast email? I have Vista and Office 2007 but see no Outlook Express
with it. Any ideas on how to check this out as older version of Office
included Outlook Express.



Vista comes with Windows Mail, which is the replacement for Outlook Express.
It can only access POP3 and IMAP accounts. It will be able to access your
Comcast account, provided you configure it correctly.

Gary VanderMolen

There is no relationship between Microsoft Office and
Outlook Express (OE). Office has never included OE, although
some versions included Microsoft Outlook, a different email program.

Comcast has instructions for setting up a mail account in OE.
Those instructions can be used with Windows Mail also since it
uses the same settings as OE:

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