Using Win98 programs in WinXP

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In our school we use programs, such as Typing Tutor, in
order to help the students. These programs were installed
while we still used Windows 98 and have worked fine. When
we upgraded to Windows XP, all the saved data for these
programs were erased and the programed refuses to save the
new data that is put in these programs. We know that it is
possible to still use these programs and save the data,
because a troubleshooter came in and checked them out. We
need a little help from someone in order to be told how to
do it. Can anyone help?

Staunton River High School
Moneta, Va, 24121
Student Intern





Mickey Segal

Tony Talmage said:
Are you running the program in Compatibility Mode? Refer to the following
KB article to find out how to set/use Compatibility Mode.
A more advanced tool is the Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit:
though I have tried this in my effort to get the Sun Java Development Kit
1.1.8 running, without success (thread "Reviving DOS program that crashes on

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